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Sea View apartment in Castellammare
rent apartment with sea view
holiday rentals in Sicily
Lucca rental with air conditioning
House with sea view in Scopello
Lovely holiday villa very close to the sea
Lovely villa with pool near the temples
Casale Nunziata
apartment near Siracusa
Beautiful sea view holiday accommodation Ortigia
Italy Holiday Destinations
Sicily (467)
Palermo ( 120 )
Trapani ( 204 )
Ragusa ( 22 )
Siracusa ( 21 )
Enna ( 1 )
Catania ( 20 )
Agrigento ( 6 )
Messina ( 73 )
Tuscany (150)
Grosseto ( 3 )
Livorno ( 8 )
Siena ( 6 )
Arezzo ( 8 )
Lucca ( 106 )
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Carbonia - Iglesias Ogliastra Olbia - Tempio ( 1 )
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Brescia ( 1 )
Umbria (5)
Perugia ( 4 )
Terni ( 1 )
Liguria (9)
Imperia ( 2 )
La Spezia ( 4 )
Savona ( 3 )
Veneto (5)
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Venice ( 1 )
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Belluno ( 1 )
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Bolzano ( 1 )
Trento ( 2 )
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Ancona ( 5 )
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Apulia (2)
Lecce ( 1 )
Brindisi ( 1 )
Calabria (2)
Vibo Valentia ( 1 )
Cosenza ( 1 )
Emilia-Romagna (2)
Forl? - Cesena ( 2 )
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Region Description: Sicily (Sicilia) is the largest Mediterranean island, and is situated at the foot of Italy near the Northern coast of Africa. It is a volcanic island with Mount Etna, Europe's highest and most active volcano near Catania in the north east of the island.  read more..

The small town Cefalù is located 70km east of Palermo and is really worth a visit! Cefalù is a picturesque fishing village that enjoys a splendid position between the sea and a rocky promontory. It had a lovely long sandy beach. The town’s current name derives from the Greek word Kephaloidion, meaning head or chief, and the town saw its heyday under the Norman king Roger II, who decided to initiate the work on the cathedral in 1131. The town is divided in two parts; an old part that is mainly for pedestrians and has many nice little boutiques, and a new modern part with supermarkets, petrol stations and car rental companies. Corso Ruggero is the main street in the old town centre, and it has many different shops and in the side streets you will find many good restaurants. The old town centre is dominated by the cathedral and the Rock rising in the background. The town’s history is chequered; many different kinds of people have governed it, for example the Arabs, the Greeks and the Normans. The historical heritage is reflected in its architecture, cuisine and the features of the local people. Today Cefalù has a population of 14,000, but in the summer months this number is more than doubled. Cefalù has become incredibly popular in recent years; the town is fascinating and many tourists that come here choose to come back. The element that perhaps best characterizes Cefalù is the promontory overlooking the sea that dominates it. The sea also gave the residents of Cefalù (known as Cifalutani in the Sicilian dialect) its long beaches that span out along the gulf and the bays of Aranciotto and Settefrati with its seven tall rocks. Legend has it that these rocks are actually the petrified bodies of seven brothers that perished in a failed attempt to save a beautiful woman. Other than being rich with natural beauty, Cefalù is a treasure chest overflowing with history, of which it has left numerous traces. The walls of the city that still stand in front of the sea date back to the Hellenistic-Roman period. In the Byzantine period, as was the case with many other coastal cities, the city withdrew towards the promontory in order to better defend itself. However, the Arabs managed to conquer it just the same and continued to rule up to the beginning of the XI century when the Normans wiped them out and moved the town closer to the sea. The traces of the Normans are so numerous that, not coincidentally, Cefalù is called the Norman Town. The most important building is certainly the cathedral dating back to the XII century; it´s believed that is construction was commissioned by King Roger II, after he washed up miraculously on its shores after escaping a storm.. Fishing and seafaring have always been part of the town´s history: for centuries both fishing and farming were the principle professions. This is made evident by the most important holiday, the Saint´s Feast day dedicated to St. Salvatore, to whom the cathedral is consecrated. This Saint´s day is on the sixth of August with a traditional 'ntinna a mare a skilled competition in which competitors climb around a greasy pole. In more recent times the blue fish festival that takes place in September has become an annual tradition. Of the many fish specialities that the local Cefalù cuisine has to offer, we would like to highlight a dish known as alici della duchessa (anchovies of the duchess), a sauce made with anchovies, white bread, garlic, onion, parsley, oil and vinegar spread on a slice of bread, with perhaps a touch of butter.

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Visit Sicily: The small town Cefalù is located 70km east of Palermo and is really worth a visit! Cefalù is a picturesque fishing village that enjoys a splendid position be

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Tuscany: Visit Lucca that is a little town rich in art and culture and well-known as the jewel of Tuscany
Lucca is one of the few towns which has maintaine

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