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Italy Holiday Destinations
Sicily (467)
Palermo ( 120 )
Trapani ( 204 )
Ragusa ( 22 )
Siracusa ( 21 )
Enna ( 1 )
Catania ( 20 )
Agrigento ( 6 )
Messina ( 73 )
Tuscany (150)
Grosseto ( 3 )
Livorno ( 8 )
Siena ( 6 )
Arezzo ( 8 )
Lucca ( 106 )
Pistoia ( 2 )
Pisa ( 10 )
Florence ( 7 )
Latium (37)
Latina ( 2 )
Frosinone ( 1 )
Rome ( 34 )
Campania (26)
Salerno ( 15 )
Naples ( 11 )
Sardinia (7)
Cagliari ( 3 )
Nuoro ( 1 )
Carbonia - Iglesias Ogliastra Olbia - Tempio ( 1 )
Sassari ( 1 )
Oristano ( 1 )
Lombardy (11)
Como ( 10 )
Brescia ( 1 )
Umbria (5)
Perugia ( 4 )
Terni ( 1 )
Liguria (9)
Imperia ( 2 )
La Spezia ( 4 )
Savona ( 3 )
Veneto (5)
Verona ( 1 )
Venice ( 1 )
Padova ( 1 )
Belluno ( 1 )
Rovigo ( 1 )
TrentinoAlto Adige (3)
Bolzano ( 1 )
Trento ( 2 )
Piedmont (3)
Biella ( 2 )
Verbano - Cusio - Ossola ( 1 )
Marches (5)
Ancona ( 5 )
Basilicata (1)
Matera ( 1 )
Apulia (2)
Lecce ( 1 )
Brindisi ( 1 )
Calabria (2)
Vibo Valentia ( 1 )
Cosenza ( 1 )
Emilia-Romagna (2)
Forl? - Cesena ( 2 )
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Region Description: Sicily (Sicilia) is the largest Mediterranean island, and is situated at the foot of Italy near the Northern coast of Africa. It is a volcanic island with Mount Etna, Europe's highest and most active volcano near Catania in the north east of the island.  read more..

Trapani is surrounded by places of great historical and archaeological interest with breath-taking landscapes. The food and wine are particularly palatable with their rich, intense flavours.
A large part of the historical centre of Trapani is for the use of pedestrians only and the use of cars is strictly forbidden in many of the roads in this part of the town, which over time has assumed the character of a sort of a salotto (sitting room).
The pulsing heart of Trapani remains to be the port, situated in the historical centre. Over time, the port of Trapani has undergone several modifications, up until the present day with the ongoing works of repaving the quays and of overall adjustments. The end-point of the town is characterised by Torre di Ligny where the Prehistoric Museum is now located.
Not far from here is the fishing port where fishing boats are renovated in a tradition that has been handed down over the centuries from father to son. In the fishing part of the port, one can admire the Villino Nasi, recently recovered for public use, together with the Lazzaretto where the local section of the Italian Lega Navale is now situated. In the middle of the sea, lies the Colombaia, one of the landmarks of the town.
The town centre of Trapani is one of the loveliest in Sicily and has a rich variety of historical monuments and buildings for the discerning visitor. Walking down the streets of the oldest part of the city centre, one can easily notice the indelible marks left on Trapani’s town planning and architectural styles by various civilizations. FONTANA DI SATURNO in Piazza Saturno (14th century) is a fountain dedicated to Saturn the mythical founder of Trapani.
OSPEDALE S. ANTONIO ABATE in Piazza Lucatelli is the former 18th century hospital awaiting renovation.
PALAZZO NOBILI (the palace of the nobility) in Via Francesco di Paola was built in the 16th century.
PALAZZO BERARDO FERRO in Corso Vittorio Emanuele was built in the 18th century.
PALAZZO DELLA PROVINCIA in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, was built in the 19th century.
PALAZZO DELLE CARCERI in Via S. Francesco d’Assisi originally belonged to the Augustinian monks and then transformed into a prison in the 17th century.
PALAZZO FARDELLA BARONI DI MOKARTA in Piazza Matteotti was built in the18th century.
PALAZZO GIUDECCA in Via Giudecca was built in the 16th century in the old Jewish quarter.
PALAZZO RICCIO BARONI DI SAN GIOACCHINO in Via Turretta was built in the 16th century.
PALAZZO SENATORIO in Via Torrearsa was built in the 17th century
PORTA BOTTEGHELLE in Via Cassaretto was built in the 13th century PORTA OSCURA in Via Torrearsa was built in the 13th century.

The province of Trapani is one of the most important in Italy relating to grape-production and its 87000 acres act as 45% of the total vineyard area of Sicily. Besides wine-growing is renowned since ancient times: wine vessels were found in Mozia, an ancient Phoneacian settlement, and they prove that wine was produced in 8th – 6th century B.C.

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